Game Jolt GDC 2016: The Harvester

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Genre: Halloween, Action, Roguelike


                                              The Forest of Neocra is infested... 

                            Shadowbat minions are spawning too quickly to contain.

                                  A position as Head Harvester is being contested.

                                                              Get rid of the bane,

                                                            The Harvest Has Begun!



  • Move Pumpkin(MC)
  • Shoot Grappling Hook

Left Click:

  • Drag Pumpkin(MC) Across Screen
  • Shoot Enemy


  • Jump
Team Member Credit
Nilspferd Programmer (Unity), Game Design
ElFapo Musician, Game Design
Cauã Picetti 3D Modeler & Animator, UI, Game Design
Camila Gomes 3D Modeler & Animator, Sprite Artist
Olivia “Hazel-Bun” Writing, Game Design

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