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Founder: Olivia/Hazel-Bun

I love the humanities, making games, playing games, and running Cherubim Scribes, Inc.

I’ve worked as an editor for FI: Interview, an editor and co-writer for Status: Infected, an editor and proofreader for the English translation of Little Mauve Riding Hood, and as a proofreader for the second half of REHOOKED.


Haze on White Fog and Everlasting: PAAT

BG artist Thomas Dargent and line-artist Feather-Snake from lemmasoft forums on The Texture of Love (Nar8 Jam)

Coder @_dearon and @antisocialiteuk (music & SFX) on Graveyard Shift (Asylum Jam 2014)

@cauapicetti (Main Artist), @ThinkrootRecords (Musician), Douglas Novakoski (Programmer), and Matheus Schneider (Animator) on Ex Nihilo (LDJam #31)

Meg and Leon from lemmasoft forums under Triumvirate on Corrosion: The Palace of Skulls

Alte‘s unofficial English port of R9 by creating Seaside Sorrow

@cauapicetti (Main Artist), Hazel-Bun (Co-Artist),  @Chamagoiaba (Programmer), and Matheus Schneider (Animator) on KNIGHT (LDJam #32)

Former Members:

Jinny [Writer] and Alex [Coder]

Currently in search of another writer, artist (environment and or 2D sprites), and two coders (Ren’Py and Unity engine proficiency preferred). If you’d like to join the team, just shoot an email to info [at] cscribes.com with your rates, a resume, and samples of your writing if applicable!

Our Mascot


Aliyah is always ready for duty. Generously drawn by the legendary Uncle Mugen of lemmasoft forums.



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