Year in Review 2016: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Unlike the past two years, 2016 has been a rather dry year here at Cherubim Scribes. The only release to speak of was The Harvester for Game Jolt’s GDC Jam. You can play it here2014 and 2015 offered a lot of grand visions for the future as well as a steady stream of releases. However, a lot of things got in the way leading to a dry season in terms of blog post as well! As you can probably tell, getting Radiant Crown Publishing off the ground ate up a lot of time and resources. However, an absence of updates didn’t mean a delay in working on games altogether. Game development has always been a hobby for me, and I’ve received a lot of help from Alex and Jinny in the beginning (who have now left leaving CScribes as a solo endeavor), along with all the amazing devs I’ve had a chance to jam with (figuratively and literally). Moving into 2017, Cherubim Scribes will have a lot more focus. What does that mean? About a game and two substantial demos at a time. No more announcing a slew of projects and participating in so many jams I forget the names of them!

Goals for 2017-2018:

  • Release A Simple Act
  • Clean up the website, especially the blog posts
  • Maintain all of the social media game accounts properly
  • Run a Kickstarter for All the Pretty Flowers and release another demo
  • Get a substantial demo done on Fish Bowl, the studio collab between myself and Alkterios Games. I’ve also paired up with a musician for the project who I connected with on Indie Teamup, and I hope he sticks with me in the long run!

Short and sweet, right? Wrong. This is a lot in of itself! But, I’m fortunate to have learned a lot from the visual novel community over the past few years. I’m also hoping to grow CScribes with a few more steady members to move into more story based games outside of VNs. For now, I’ll focus on getting out the two projects that ignited my passion for game development, leave behind ones on hiatus possibly indefinitely, and look forward to more great games in the coming years!

See you in the New Year,


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